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iSmart Premium

iSmart Premium

iSmart Premium is the 3rd most recent flashcart to enter the 3rd generation era. iSmart Premium is a competitor to the Supercard DSTWO, DSi-compatible, and marketed around $15. The iSmartDS Team are made up of individuals who have publicly stated to have experience with the flashcart hobby. Their first cart, the iSmart Premium, is being heavily compared to both the Acekard series (price point and opensource firmware options) and r4 EZ Vi (for which the iSmart Premium is based on), and features a yet-unreleased open-source SDK, an in-game menu (save-states, in-game guide, soft-reset), customizable skins, multilingual support, an Action Replay cheat engine, hardware based anti-piracy circumvention, 3in1 expansion support, and more. The iSmartDS Team boasts that the Anti-Piracy patching routines are smart r4 enough to circumvent all current and future ROM based anti-piracy measures. The kit also supports an intelligent save-type detection routine allowing the software to function without the need for save-type database file updates.

DS-Scene.net rated the iSmart Premium a score of 87% in their official review.
  iSmart MM (MultiMedia)

The iSmart MM is the successor to the first flashcart release this year by the iSmart Team. It aims to sit alongside the iPlayer and SuperCard DSTWO in the realms of the enhanced flash card: support for video (hardware decoding) and GBA roms via emulation and hopefully other homebrew in the future (The team have already released much to the open source community.) as well as being as compatible with roms as the present iSmart Premium. No firm release date yet other than "November" of 2010

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